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Kendra Brown

Senior Director for Diversity,
Inclusion, and Affinity
American University
Washington College of Law

7-17-18 National Harbor, MD- Kendra Brown. Photo by Maximilian Franz.

7-17-18 National Harbor, MD- Kendra Brown. Photo by Maximilian Franz.

Kendra Brown was the policy director for the Congressional Black Caucus in 2016 when she negotiated a permanent extension of the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit.

“It was a major victory for millions of families who work for low or modest wages, and I feel this is one of my leading accomplishments because of the impact of the legislation on families around the nation,” she said.

She moved to her current position in December 2017, where she leads diversity and inclusion efforts, advises students and coordinates college visits for high school and undergraduate students. “My work continues the pipeline of bright and promising young people into the field of law.”

Brown has a bachelor’s degree in political science from Hampton University, a Master of Divinity degree from Howard University, a law degree from the Vermont Law School and a Master of Law degree from George Washington University Law School.

Brown leads community outreach programs as vice president of the Baltimore County Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, which has a service area of more than 830,000 people. The chapter’s program areas include youth enrichment, health promotion and environmental ownership. She also mentors young people and is a youth minister in her church.

“I have helped people feel empowered, enriched, and motivated to be agents of change and help those in need,” she said. “I am also an advocate for equity in education, a reduction in the school-to-prison pipeline, safeguarding the social safety net, and voter education and empowerment.”
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