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Lynden Renwick, Esq.

Vice President – Administration
BrightKey, Inc.

renwick-lyndenmf03Lynden Renwick was born in Australia and was an attorney there, but he had to start over when he moved to the United States for his wife.

He joined BrightKey, Inc, a small, woman-owned outsourced services and support company, and simultaneously earned a Master of Laws from the University of Baltimore in 2016, graduating at the top of his class with the highest GPA in the program’s history, 4.18, and passing the Maryland Bar in 2017.

Now, he continues at BrightKey where he also is in-house counsel. BrightKey provides a full range of services, including call center and outbound telemarketing, warehousing and fulfillment, on-site mailroom, mail processing, and strategic marketing.

“As an immigrant and foreign attorney, I bring and use alternate perspectives to challenge legislation, and draw upon persuasive foreign authority during litigation,” Renwick said.

Personally, he provides pro bono legal advice to individuals who cannot afford their own attorney. He aims to increase access to the law in areas where government-provided attorneys are not available.

He serves on the legislative committee of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce, helping represent businesses and small businesses before the Maryland legislature.

Renwick wrote a 370-page novel “A Part of You,” which will be available on Amazon in paperback and e-book formats in November.

“I set out to write a story that would remind the reader what it feels like to connect with a character or story on an emotional level – to remember what it means to feel something,” Renwick said about the novel. “Multiple test-readers reported that they bawled their eyes out for over 30 minutes after finishing the novel. Even if my book does not solicit tears like these, I hope that it makes every reader remember what it feels like to be touched by a story.”

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