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Megan Benevento, Esq.

Associate Attorney
Joseph, Greenwald & Laake, P.A.

benevento-meganmf5Megan Benevento has been an outspoken advocate for children since she was an undergraduate at the University of Oregon, where she was honored for her academic contributions to child advocacy.

Benevento wrote a thesis at the university that evaluated the state of child abuse and neglect in an Oregon county. Her work outlined how the county could achieve a 90 percent reduction in child abuse and neglect by 2030 by shifting to an approach that coordinates and aligns service efforts.
In her law practice, Benevento has fought for a family who alleged that their special-needs son had been sexually abused at school because of improper supervision. The parents felt the school dismissed their concerns and failed to intervene for other students, so she filed a lawsuit to ensure there would be an investigation into their claims.

“Since filing that suit, other families have come forward with claims of sexual abuse at the school,” Benevento said. “Giving families a voice, and being by their side when they realize that sharing their story and holding the school accountable for negligence helps keeps kids safe in the future, has been the most rewarding part of my practice.”

Benevento believes it’s her responsibility to work for the people in her community. “Exceptional advocacy to me is more than winning legal arguments in court,” she said. “My self-determination and drive to champion without compromise for the best interests of those who are vulnerable in our society will continue to define my contribution to the legal field and our community.”

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