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Rachel Dolcine

Compass Consulting and Training Solutions LLC

dolcine-rachelmf3When Rachel Dolcine was in elementary school, she made a list of all the things she wanted to do when she grew up. One of the items was starting a business.

After earning a master’s of public administration from the University of Baltimore in 2010, she founded Compass Consulting and Training Solutions LLC, which helps individuals launch and maintain small businesses and nonprofits.

Her husband Pierre noted he always thought of a compass while thinking of her and her skill set.

“I’m really good at helping people figure out where they want to go and helping them get there,” she said. “Even if someone gets off track, I am really good at getting them back on track and getting them back on their way.”

She enjoys the independence of her own business and the ability to be as creative as she wants to be.

In 2015, she checked another item off her list when she started the Joseph and Vera Douglas Family Foundation Inc., a nonprofit named in honor of her late grandparents who were poor, but still gave to those in greater need.

Every year, the foundation goes to Jamaica for a mission trip seeking out the poorest areas and distributes food, clothing, school supplies, book bags and medical items. This year, Dolcine is working on adding an entrepreneurial training program for women so they may provide for their families.

“Purpose activates powers and amplifies your voice,” she said. “As a woman, sometimes we lose our voice or we have a hard time finding our voice so once you find your purpose that is the first step to finding your voice. That’s what I live by. I will not be silent.”

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