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Ryan Spiegel

Vice President/Partner
Gaithersburg City Council/Paley Rothman

spiegel-ryanmf6Ryan Spiegel is a partner at Paley Rothman law firm, has been a member of the Gaithersburg City Council since 2007, and is legislative chairman of the Maryland Municipal League.

In his role on MML, Spiegel has enacted a number of MML priorities that were pending for years, such as reimbursement of the local share of Highway User Revenues. This new law will result in millions of dollars of needed transportation funding for local governments. He also worked to pass legislation to protect the privacy and personal contact information of residents who sign up for electronic newsletters and emergency text alerts from the government.

Under Spiegel’s leadership, MML defeated two proposals that would have undercut local government zoning authority. In addition to his legislative work, Spiegel helped mentor local elected officials in Gaithersburg and around the state.

“Working behind the scenes, often without the glory or credit, to simply get things done – this is the way that I’ve pursued my roles as legislator and MML advocate,” Spiegel said.

Spiegel said his biggest professional accomplishments are as a local legislator and advocate for municipalities.

“Being extremely responsive, respectful even in disagreement, and relentless in pursuing one’s goal and working hard to maintain very high quality of work are all ingredients to being an effective public official who can be proud and who can deliver results,” Spiegel said.

In addition to his work as an elected official, Spiegel is active in his faith community and his children’s schools. As an attorney, he focuses his pro bono work on matters ranging from death penalty appeals in Alabama to helping immigrant children maneuver through the family courts. He has also represented low-income tenants being wrongfully evicted, Holocaust survivors seeking reparations, and refugees seeking asylum.

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