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Sierra B. Mitchell

Meng Law

mitchell-sierramf02Sierra B. Mitchell loves to say yes. Long before Shonda Rhimes published the bestselling book, “Year of Yes,” Mitchell lived by this mantra and found that it changed her perspective on the world.

“Saying yes gets me out of my comfort zone, which is where the best learning happens. It allows me to meet new people and network. Plus, it gives me that good feeling of being able to help others when they need you,” she said.

Helping others is what she does on a daily basis as a domestic and estate attorney. In her practice at Meng Law, she helps families navigate complicated situations, helping to find a resolution to her clients’ issues. She volunteers as a mediator at the Community Mediation Center for Calvert County and has helped dozens of families and community members reach resolutions outside of court.

As an officer and board member of the Calvert County and Southern Maryland Women’s Bar Associations, she has raised thousands of dollars for local charities such as Farming for Hunger, Calvert Hospice and the Food Pantry. Mitchell also regularly hosts a Family Law Clinic at the Circuit Court for Calvert County. Together with her husband, Mitchell volunteers annually for Shop with a Cop.

While saying yes has opened many opportunities and a wide network, her favorite part of her work is working with children.

“I believe I have helped many young lives in helping navigate the confusing and stressful situations placed upon them by their parents’ conflicts and choices. The best part of my work is in advocating for children. Nothing is more important than protecting that youth, spirit and innocence,” Mitchell said.

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