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Criminal law — Sufficiency of the evidence — felony murder and first-degree  burglary

A jury in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City convicted Joseph Oglesby, appellant, of felony murder and first-degree burglary following the April 1, 2013 death of Ralph Timmons. He presents five questions on appeal:

1. Did the State fail to present sufficient evidence to sustain the convictions?

2. Did the lower court err by instructing the jury that Mr. Oglesby could be guilty of felony murder if the jurors believed that another person was the shooter?

3. Did the lower court err in prohibiting the defense from introducing several pieces of evidence that tended to establish an alternative suspect?

4. Did the lower court err in refusing to allow the defense to use a psychiatric evaluation to impeach Mr. Timmons’s son?

5. Did the lower court err by permitting the prosecutor to make improper remarks in closing argument, and by refusing to re-instruct the jury on the reasonable doubt standard?

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