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Pain patients rally in Maryland for easing opioid restrictions

The Maryland State House. (File)

The Maryland State House. (File)

ANNAPOLIS — Chronic-pain patients in Maryland are asking for help in easing restrictions they face in getting drugs to treat their pain because of the crackdown on opioids.

About two dozen people attended a rally in front of the Maryland State House on Tuesday where participants held signs that said: “Don’t Punish Pain,” and “Make Health Care Again.”

Holly Agouridis of Kensington, Maryland, helped organize the rally in Annapolis. She says people who suffer from chronic pain want the law to “let doctors be doctors” and help them.

Participants at the rally say while they want to see the federal government ease growing restrictions, they’d welcome help from state lawmakers to address the problem in Maryland. They say they’re the unintentional victims of the crackdown on opioids.