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For your listening pleasure

Maureen Edobor

Maureen Edobor

Yes, I know the podcast market is over-saturated and there are countless podcasts of people opining and complaining. Nevertheless, here are a few, substantive — yet fun — I suggest:

For the techie: Reply All is a hilarious and informative listen for all things internet. I recommend starting with this episode, about a telephone scammer.

For the criminal law lover: Dr. Death, chronicling the investigation and subsequent prosecution of a neurosurgeon who maimed and killed several patients during spine surgery in Texas. Criminal(In)Justice, hosted by Professor David Harris at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, covering controversial issues of criminal law, and Ear Hustle, hosted by an inmate at the San Quentin prison in California, who describes life inside. Last Seen, a new podcast revealing new details and evidence about the infamous 1990 Isabella Stewart Gardener art heist.

For the politico: Stay Tuned with Preet Baraha, a substantive take on the Trump administration by the former U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, who President Donald Trump unceremoniously fired in 2017. The Axe Files with David Axelrod, who interviews big names on the left, right and center in politics about their personal and public lives. Roughly Speaking, the Baltimore Sun’s eclectic podcast about all things Maryland history, politics, and current events. The Ezra Klein Show, discussing all things politics and media.

For the lawyer who loves the law: More Perfect, chronicling the history of landmark Supreme Court constitutional cases. I would recommend beginning with this episode on the history of Second Amendment rights. Above the Law’s Thinking Like a Lawyer, detailing everything from on-campus interviewing to current events in law.

For the lawyer interested in underrepresented communities: Still Processing is an intellectual take on wide-ranging moments in pop culture. Call Your Girlfriend, a hilarious and informative podcast about issues plaguing women in society. Code Switch, hosted by two journalists of color who detail all things race related.

I also recommend This American Life, Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History, and S-Town. Happy listening!

Maureen Edobor is an associate with Goldberg Segalla LLP in Baltimore.