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Maryland county to consider ending monthly mobile home tax

TOWSON — Another Maryland county council will consider ending a monthly tax charged to owners of mobile homes.

The Baltimore Sun reports Baltimore County Councilwoman Cathy Bevins is sponsoring a bill that will be voted on Monday. The county’s tax is capped at $20 a month.

She says the tax is a remnant of a time where mobile homes were actually mobile and owners didn’t pay property taxes. Now, she says the county is “double-dipping,” as mobile home parks are occupied by long-term residents who pay income taxes, while owners pay property taxes.

County Executive Don Mohler’s administration opposes the bill, which would cost an estimated $600,000 in revenue. The county’s total budget is $3.3 billion.

Anne Arundel County eliminated its mobile home tax last year. A measure to end Howard County’s was defeated last month.

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