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Men accused of trying to rob undercover agents buying drugs

Two Maryland men are accused of trying to rob two federal agents who were buying heroin while working undercover for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

The Baltimore Sun reports 29-year-old Menard Hazelwood and 33-year-old Donte Smith told the court Tuesday that they attempted to rob the agents. Hazelwood pleaded guilty to charges including a assaulting a federal officer.

Prosecutors say the agents planned to buy $2,000 of heroin in May 2017. They say Smith and Hazelwood approached the agents at the drug deal, held them at gunpoint and demanded money.

The agents signaled for backup, and Smith was shot in the ensuing altercation. Smith has asked his written plea agreement be changed to say he was shot while unarmed. He’s set to appear in court Friday.

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