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ACLU joins challenge of public summer school tuition policy

UPPER MARLBORO — A Maryland public school system has come under fire for its summer school tuition policy, which the American Civil Liberties Union says imposes burdensome costs that prevent students from graduating.

The Washington Post reports the American Civil Liberties Union has promised to sue the Prince George’s County school system if it doesn’t waive the tuition of four students.

Schools spokeswoman Raven Hill says each class cost $455 this summer, noting nearly all Maryland districts charge for summer school. Maryland public defender Grace Reusing says it’s the state’s most expensive program, with “the most inadequate waiver for low-income families.” Students who qualify for free and reduced meals can have up to 25 percent of one course’s tuition waived.

Reusing requested waivers for the four students that were denied days before summer school began.

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