Tech Tip: Leveraging first-party customer data to improve your digital marketing

Erin Borkowski

Erin Borkowski
Media Director & VP, TBC

Given recent concerns such as Facebook’s challenges with third-party targeting and changes resulting from the General Data Protection Regulation, the data a company collects directly provides a more valuable tool for digital marketing than ever before. The same technology that enables Amazon to recommend the next book you will love can be employed to help your business retain and grow your customer base. Here are some ways you can use your own data to take your marketing to the next level.

Tag your website
Tag your website with a remarketing pixel for your various media platforms. The data collected can help you reach customers who have already engaged with your brand, and push those that have not converted further down the funnel. You can also create custom messaging for different audience segments; for example, providing discounts to “cart abandoners.”

Use your CRM
Use your customer relationship management system (CRM) to leverage existing customer lists, cross-selling or remarketing to subsets of your database as well as reaching back out to lapsed customers. You can upload these lists to social media platforms like Facebook or target with programmatic advertising partners. You can also build “look alike” audiences that mirror current customer profiles to find more prospects likely to buy or convert.

Social media pages
Leverage your company’s social media pages to remarket to followers and those that have engaged with your brand as well as find customers that look like those who follow you.
Maximizing your first-party data not only serves as a way to extend your CRM efforts at scale, but offers a cost-efficient vehicle to find new customers, increase revenue, and improve your ROI.

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