Women Trailblazers in Maryland

A trailblazer is described by the dictionary as someone who creates a path for others to follow. A pioneer if you will.

The staff of The Daily Record brainstormed a list of women who have done just that in their career fields and other endeavors. The selection process included covering various geographic regions, industries and races.

Each were asked about their keys to success and challenges they have faced while also discussing their careers and work. Many praised mentors and those who came before them for their help but they also wanted to make sure they helped the next generations on their paths as well. Following are their stories.


Hon. Mary Ellen Barbera

Diane Bell-McKoy

Hon. Pamila J. Brown

Betty Buck

Dr. Nancy S. Grasmick

Sen. Barbara Mikulski

Patricia ‘PJ’ Mitchell

Dr. Peggy Naleppa

Mary Ann Scully


This article is featured in The Daily Record’s Path To Excellence: A Woman’s Guide To Business. The mission of the Path to Excellence magazine is to give our readers the opportunity to meet successful women of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs and learn how they define success. Read more from Path to Excellence.

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