My sad snow day


Do you remember when you were a kid and snow days were the most amazing thing ever? As an adult this feeling does not go away. I get excited every time snow is in the forecast. Then I look out the window and the neighbor’s kid is already in her snowsuit by 8:30 a.m. and looking for a sled. I am so totally jealous and want to join her.

Instead, I use the excuse that the dog needs to go out, so I must, too. But after 30 minutes and the loss of probably one full billable hour, guilt rushes over me and I run back into the house to my computer.

Work proceeds for a while, then my husband, who has off during the day and is also excited about the snow, wants to hang out and watch a movie or go play in the snow with the dog. Guilt rushes again but this time in reverse. I should hang out with them on a snow day and take a little time from work. Life is after all about more than work.

Another billable hour lost and the work guilt returns.

This cycle continues through the day. I usually end up making both work, but it makes for a long day and it is not nearly as fun as snow days when you were a kid.

The sad truth is as a professional in a cloud-based world, we do not get snow days. Maybe, if there is a blizzard and you have to shovel snow to keep your house safe and eventually get out, there is an excuse not to put in a full workday.

The weather predictions for this winter are all over the place, but based on yesterday’s overperforming event, I think the prediction that we will get lots of snow and very cold weather is most likely. So, I challenge myself and my fellow cloud-based professionals to work a little more the day before or after so that you and I can enjoy a little more of our “snow days.”

Angela Davis Pallozzi is counsel at Offit Kurman P.A. in Baltimore.