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Criminal procedure — Illegal sentence — Plea agreement

In January 1991, a jury in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City convicted appellant, Percy Pair, of first-degree murder, use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence, and related offenses in conjunction with the death of Christian Robbins. Following that trial, Pair pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence for the murders of Percy Pair, Sr. (his father) and Cheryl Conley.

On February 19, 1991, the day the pleas were entered, the court sentenced Pair to life imprisonment for the Robbins murder and to two concurrent terms of life imprisonment for the Pair, Sr. and Conley murders, to run consecutive to the life sentence for the Robbins murder. The court also sentenced Pair for the three handgun convictions, imposing a term of 15 years imprisonment for each, to run consecutively to each other, but concurrently with the life sentences.

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