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Contracts — Breach — Bank’s failure to discharge debt

Derrick Anderson, appellant, filed a civil complaint in the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County alleging that M&T Bank, appellee, breached their contract by failing to discharge his debt after they accepted an instrument “in contravention of Accord and Satisfaction,” pursuant to Md. Code, Commercial Law § 3-311. M&T Bank filed a motion to dismiss or, in the alternative, for summary judgment, stating that the complaint failed to state a claim as a matter of law. On October 6, 2017, after a hearing, the court granted M&T Bank’s motion.

On appeal, Anderson presents one issue for our review, which we quote: Circuit Court for Prince George’s County, Maryland was in error and didn’t follow the rule Maryland Code Commercial Law Title 3 – Negotiable Instruments Subtitle 3 – Enforcement of Instruments Section 3-311 Accord and satisfaction by use of instrument.

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