Lisa K. Smith

Lisa K. Smith

Director of Policy & Legislative Affairs
Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office

Lisa K. Smith

Lisa K. Smith

Lisa K. Smith did not have an easy life growing up. Raised by a single mother, she lost her older brother to leukemia, and moved around a lot. Instead of floundering, Smith thrived, accommodating new cultures, learning Spanish while living in Costa Rica and French while living in Canada.

She proved her ability to flourish despite challenges, and focused on effecting change. She worked on legal issues to help homeless youth and developed a system to improve the enforcement of living wages in Baltimore.

Recently, she championed the passage of the Repeat Sexual Predator Prevention Act of 2018, enabling prosecutors to admit evidence of sexual assault behavior from other victims in future trials.

Smith also organized a working group to combat human trafficking in Baltimore and planned Baltimore City’s Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) program for nonviolent offenders suffering from addiction.

“Lisa is a rare individual who is highly effective at work and has the social and emotional intelligence to navigate different cultures and interpersonal relationships with ease. I admire Lisa’s ability to listen and put others before herself,” Angela D. Wharton, CEO of Phynyx Ministries, Inc. said.

This is a winner profile from The Daily Record's 2018 Leading Women awards. Information for this profile was sourced from the honoree's application for the award.

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