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Under Armour heads to space

Under Armour’s taking on the final frontier.

Virgin Galactic, which aims to make commercial space travel a reality, named the Baltimore-based sports apparel maker its “Technical Spacewear Partner” on Thursday.

“I’ve loved (Under Armour’s) determination to push technical boundaries in order to improve performance, so could not have been more pleased when (Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank) and his talented teams stepped up to the considerable task of creating a range of space apparel and performance programs for Virgin Galactic,” Richard Branson, Virgin Galactic’s founder, said.

Under Armour is tasked with creating a custom-fitted spacesuits for Virgin Galactic passengers, whom Virgin Galactic calls astronauts. This bold new apparel is expected to be unveiled later this year before Virgin Galactic’s first commercial flight.

Under Armour’s nearly one-year mission?

To design space suits providing Virgin Galactic passengers “confidence through comfort and practicality without compromising the natural desire of every Virgin Galactic astronaut both to feel good and look good.”

Under Armour’s duties also include crafting programs to physically prepare passengers for the rigors of their journey and recovery from their voyage. The regimen, according to Virgin Galactic, will focus on mobility, strength, fitness, nutrition, and sleep.

“This is a great opportunity to test our innovation at the highest level and continue to push the limits of human performance,” Plank said in a statement.

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