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What’s in your purse: Mary Hastler

Mary Hastler

Mary Hastler

Harford County Public Library CEO Mary Hastler considers herself a bit of a techie, leading Harford County to become the first library system in the country to offer free 3-D printing to customers.

In her purse, Hastler carries the first “coin” the library printed using the 3-D printer. The library has printed 600 of them featuring the international logo for libraries on one side, and the American Library Association is adding their logo on the back. The coins are being distributed to members of Congress along with information about the importance of libraries.

“That was the first one we printed. They came and showed me ‘this is what we can do,’” Hastler said. “It takes about 30 minutes to print one.”

Hastler also carries a Merge Cube ( which is an augmented and virtual reality cube that works with her iPhone. There are a variety of apps that can interact with the cube. It can display a fire, castle or there are games you can add to the cube, too. She uses it to demonstrate some of what the library can do in that area.

“We have a lot of virtual reality and augmented reality at the library for our customers who are always looking for cool new stuff,” Hastler said. “We’ve had these for about six months. This is my own personal one that I can carry around and use when I do presentations or outreach. It’s one of those wow things.”

She purchased some as gifts for people this year.

It’s a good thing Hastler’s purse is so big, because she carries items for work. Besides things such as the coin and cube, she also has lip balm in a ball the library is currently handing out as a promotion and a pen that promotes the library’s winter program.

Her phone even has a photo of her head on Lynda Carter’s body as Wonder Woman that is being used for the library’s fairy tale and superhero festival.

hastler_purse_contentsThe Purse

The purse itself is a Vegan bag “so it’s politically correct.” It’s faux ostrich. Hastler said it’s great for work because it’s waterproof and it’s very sturdy and can hold a lot of stuff. She bought it at the Pink Silhouette in Bel Air. “I love it. I get so many compliments on it.”

1. iPhone 7+
2. A Merge Cube ( that is an augmented and virtual reality device. Hastler can download different apps and functions that will work on her phone when she scans the cube. “It’s one of my toys.”
3. Reading glasses
4. Sunglasses
5. Icebreakers mints
6. Lip balm. A new giveaway item for the library so she carries one with her
7. Kate Spade New York wallet. “It is bright pink so I can find it wherever it is.”
8. Makeup case that she purchased at the Indian Wells tennis tournament
9. Hair tie for when she works out
10. Wireless earbuds
11. “Coins” that were made for the American Library Association Washington office. Hastler said 600 coins were printed using the library’s 3-D printer to distribute to all the members of Congress.
12. Hand sanitizer from BGE, where her husband works
13. Pens. One from The Daily Record and one from the library that goes with the library’s winter reading course
14. Business card case
15. Keys on an Orioles lanyard
16. iPad which she usually carries with her for work

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