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UMB, Isoprene enter into deal with Hoth Therapeutics

The University of Maryland, Baltimore and Isoprene Pharmaceuticals Inc., part of the UM BioPark, announced Wednesday they have entered into a commercial evaluation sublicense and option agreement with Hoth Therapeutics Inc., a development-stage biopharmaceutical company.

The agreement grants Hoth complete evaluation and option rights in the dermatology evaluation field to develop and commercialize therapeutic compounds for the treatment of dermatological conditions in humans. The licensing agreement stems from results reported by UMB relating to the effect retinoic acid metabolism blocking agents (RAMBAs) offer in treating cancer and dermatology related issues

“The partnership between UMB, Isoprene Pharmaceuticals and Hoth Therapeutics is an example of how early-stage technology investment by UM Ventures, Baltimore can enhance the commercial viability of important new medical innovations emerging from academic research,” said Rana Quraishi, Ph.D, director of new ventures at UMB.

Vincent C.O. Njar, Ph.D, lead scientific inventor and professor in the University of Maryland School of Medicine, added the collaboration is critical for the development of UMB’s unique novel retinamide small molecules as potential new therapeutics for a variety of dermatological diseases.

Researchers at UMB discovered novel retinamide RAMBAs and validated their therapeutic utility in animal models of breast and prostate cancer. RAMBAs inhibit the cellular enzyme that metabolizes all-trans retinoic acid, which actively directs cells to mature in a controlled manner to ensure normal growth.

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