What’s in your purse: Stacey Smith

Stacey Smith

Stacey Smith

Years ago Stacey Smith was working in marketing for a homebuilder. But when the recession hit she was laid off. She started her own marketing and events planning company but was struggling to find clients.

Someone told her she didn’t seem her usual happy self and needed to change her attitude. The person told her to go home, light a candle and write a letter about everything she was grateful for. Two weeks later she landed her first client.
“I think it was that mindset shift; if you think positive thoughts good things will happen,” Smith said.

Smith created a logo —“think happy, bee happy” — and was thinking about starting a whole business around it with hats, sweatshirts, mugs, pens. She even developed a website, but life took her in another direction. Smith is now the president and CEO of the Cybersecurity Association of Maryland, Inc.

Ironically, Smith is actually allergic to bees. She said she should have had her EpiPen in her purse, but she tends to keep it in her car instead. She finds bumblebees inspirational and carries a bag of trinkets in her purse that contains a bumblebee charm and a bumblebee coin. It also has a saying about how the bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly because its wings are heavier than its body.

“So in spite of what science says it shouldn’t be able to do, it does,” Smith said. “ Sometimes when I have a big day ahead I look at this and I’m like, ‘Hey I can do this.’ ”

The bag of trinkets is more like a bag of inspiration to Smith. It also has a bluebird charm and a four-leaf clover someone gave her.

The bee theme is evident elsewhere in her purse. The small cosmetic bag she carries in her purse has a bee logo and her purse itself even has bee on the latch.

“Anything with a bumblebee typically catches my eye,” Smith said. “My house is fi lled with them. It makes it easy for gift-giving for family and friends.”

stacey-smith-purse-contents-webThe Purse
1. Keycard to her office that is in the ETC co-working space in East Baltimore. The Cybersecurity Association of Maryland has been in the space since September 2015.
2. Reading glasses.
3. Earbuds, which are usually always tangled.
4. Her favorite uni-ball pen. “I just love how it writes.”
5. Business cardholder from White House Black Market. She has a stash of them at home to give as gifts or to a new team member.
6. A bag of trinkets that help provide inspiration. It includes a bluebird of happiness, a small bumblebee coin and small bumblebee charm along with a saying that a bumblebee technically shouldn’t be able to fly because its wings are heavier than its body, but it does. There’s even a four-leaf clover in the bag, too.
7. Cosmetic bag with a bee logo on it. She carries lipstick in it, even though she often forgets to put it on during the day.
8. Coach wallet.
9. Cellphone with a Tigger case. She loves the high energy of Tigger.
10. Keys.
11. The purse is a Bosom Buddy Bag and even has a bee as the latch.

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