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Jean C. Accius

Jean C. Accius

Vice President

Jean Accius, AARP

Jean Accius, AARP

Memories of his grandmother have inspired Jean C. Accius to make a difference in the lives of others. Accius, vice president of Long-Term Services and Supports and Livable Communities with the AARP Public Policy Institute, was raised by his grandmother from the time he was a month old.

“She took on the responsibility with grace, dignity and a fierce determination to ensure that I would have a bright future,” Accius said. “She sacrificed so I did not go without. With little income and no formal education herself, she made sure I had a high-quality education in private school. I am forever grateful for her decision to raise me. Every milestone I have reached in my life has been something of a thank you to my grandmother.”

Accius said he and his team at AARP are focused on creating and driving innovative solutions for older adults and their families so they can live and thrive in their homes and communities as long as possible. “My life’s work has centered on aging, health and long-term care policy in the public and private sectors.”

AARP has kicked off a campaign to help male family caregivers get support for themselves and to host conversations with millennial family caregivers, he said. “These efforts are breaking barriers and perceptions and we are developing and co-creating solutions. There is so much joy for me in being able to help men and millennial family caregivers talk about their experiences and fears and get the help they need.”

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