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Monica Reinagel

Monica Reinagel

The Nutrition Diva

Monica Reinagel

Monica Reinagel

For Monica Reinagel, “The Nutrition Diva,” there’s no one right way to eat or build a healthy diet.

What may be working for some, doesn’t necessarily mean success for others.

“I try to show people how to find the approach that works best for their bodies but also their preferences, lifestyle and values,” she said.

Reinagel, a board-certified, licensed nutritionist and professionally trained chef, is the author of six books, has a blog on The Huffington Post and created the Nutrition Diva podcast in 2008. She also is a regular guest on television programs such as “Today,” “Doctor Oz” and National Public Radio’s “Morning Edition.”

Reinagel was awarded the Gold Hermes Creative Award in feature writing in 2012 and she won the Apex Award for Excellence in How-To Writing in 2011.

The Baltimore resident started out in music school and began her professional career as an opera singer. Her former foray into the arts lives on in her professional moniker, “The Nutrition Diva.”

The focus of her writing, speaking and other work is to bring balance and accuracy to some of the distorted information floating around among the public about food and nutrition. She’s most interested in helping people become savvy consumers of the relentless stream of information that blasts through their radios, televisions and connected devices.

“Being willing to respectfully question and think critically about the messages that we are inundated with would benefit all aspects of our public discourse and decision-making,” she said.

This is a winner profile from The Daily Record's 2019 Influential Marylanders awards.

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