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Stan Stovall

Stan Stovall


Stan Stovall

Stan Stovall

Stan Stovall has always been very curious about not only the world around him locally but also globally.

His first job at 10 years old was as a paperboy. “Not only did I throw the paper, I also read the newspaper cover to cover every day and I also watched television news,” he recalled. “I watched the newscast at 6 p.m. every night. That’s just how curious I was about the world around me.”

Not only did the habit make him a great student who mainly made straight As throughout his schooling but also put him on a path to make him a successful broadcast journalist.

For nearly 50 years — with more than 35 spent in Baltimore — Stovall has brought residents the news. He is currently at WBAL but was previously at WMAR-TV.

“I feel honored that people not only have accepted me but they trust me to come into their homes and turn on whatever channel I am at the time and tune me in,” he said. “I’ve had a successful run in Baltimore.”

Debilitating stage fright caused Stovall at age 17 to run for senior class president as a way to get over his fear. The position got him a ticket to the annual Arizona Boys State program, where he won multiple offices and was noticed by Ernest W. McFarland, the owner of the local ABC affiliate and a former Arizona governor, who gave him a job at the station.

Winning multiple accolades over the years, including an Emmy, Stovall is quick to note he does not bring residents the news alone.

This is a winner profile from The Daily Record's 2019 Influential Marylanders awards.

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