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They Said It during the 2019 legislative session

Daily Record Staff//April 9, 2019

They Said It during the 2019 legislative session

By Daily Record Staff

//April 9, 2019

Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr., at a Wednesday news conference, said Gov. Larry Hogan fell far short of his goal of taking five Democratic Senate seats, having to settle for just one. (Bryan P. Sears)
Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. (Bryan P. Sears)

The governor’s comments were absolutely nonsense. Nonsense, nonsense, nonsense, nonsense personified.

Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr.,

responding to comments by Gov. Larry Hogan that public education had been a top priority of his administration.


Del. Geraldine Valentino-Smith, D-Prince George's, sponsor of the House version of the "red flag" bill that went into effect Oct. 1. (The Daily Record / Bryan P. Sears)
Del. Geraldine Valentino-Smith, D-Prince George’s (The Daily Record / Bryan P. Sears)

There’s nothing more contentious than the debate around the right to bear arms.

Del. Geraldine Valentino-Smith,

chief sponsor of the state’s red-flag law, in discussing how it seeks to balance protecting lives and observing gun rights.


"I know the governor has not been a fan of taxes. He can decide to support efforts to transform our schools or he can take a talk. It's that simple," said Sen. Paul Pinsky, D-Prince Georege's County. (Bryan P. Sears / The Daily Record)
Sen. Paul Pinsky, D-Prince George’s County. (Bryan P. Sears / The Daily Record)


If there’s no willingness to raise taxes I’ve wasted two-and-a-half years of my life.

Sen. Paul Pinsky, D-Prince George’s,

who chairs the Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee and also sat on the Kirwan Commission charged with improving Maryland’s schools.


Sen. Nancy King, D-Montgomery and chairwoman of the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee. (The Daily Record / Bryan P. Sears)
Sen. Nancy King. (The Daily Record / Bryan P. Sears)

It used to be called jail.

Sen. Nancy King, D-Montgomery and chair of the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee,

explaining the “Therapeutic Treatment Center” at the Baltimore City Correctional Complex.


Del. Luke Clippinger, D-Baltimore City, the new chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. (File Photo)
Del. Luke Clippinger, D-Baltimore City. (File Photo)

One small step for man, one giant leap to the next panel.

Del Luke Clippinger, D-Baltimore and chair of the House Judiciary Committee,

calling up a group to testify on a bill that would prohibit polygraph examinations of job candidates at correctional facilities.


On that last vote, the dog ate my homework.

Sen. Justin Ready, R-Carroll,

asking to be recorded in support of a Senate resolution honoring Maryland teachers of the year.

Del. Mary Ann Lisanti, D-Harford, meets with reporters Thursday evening following her censure. (Bryan P. Sears)
Del. Mary Ann Lisanti, D-Harford. (Bryan P. Sears)

I am sorry for the hurt I have caused and will do everything I can to help heal that pain and regain the trust of my colleagues and constituents. I pray for forgiveness.

Del. Mary Ann Lisanti, D-Harford,

who acknowledged having used a racial slur.


You have a mayor who’s looking for a police chief. You have a city council that’s fighting with her on it. They’re not getting along. They just need to get their heads out of their ass and get it done.

Sen. J. B. Jennings, R-Baltimore and Harford counties and minority leader,

lamenting what he described as Baltimore’s political dysfunction.


Leave it to Maryland lawmakers to come up with new gun control legislation that, if passed, would have zero impact on crime and not make anyone safer.

Amy Hunter, a spokeswoman for the National Rifle Association,

responding to proposals for new gun restrictions.


Gov. Larry Hogan speaks Monday, March 18, in Annapolis. (The Daily Record / Bryan P. Sears)
Gov. Larry Hogan . (The Daily Record / Bryan P. Sears)

This seems to be like the most pro-criminal group of legislators I’ve ever seen.

Gov. Larry Hogan,

criticizing the legislature for what he says is a refusal to crack down on violent crime.


State Sen. Robert "Bobby" Zirkin has called the proposed measure "Grace's Law 2.0." (File photo)
State Sen. Robert “Bobby” Zirkin. (File photo)

You can’t snap your fingers and have the industry all of a sudden be legal without there being checks and balances.

Sen. Robert Sen. Robert “Bobby” Zirkin, D-Baltimore County and chairman of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee,

on the complexity of legalizing recreational use of marijuana.


Klausmeier-Katherine copy
Sen. Kathy Klausmeier. (File)

I’ve come to the conclusion, no matter what bill it is, if it has the word g-u-n, we always have this whole conversation. We went through it yesterday with the g-u-n. So, for those people who don’t like g-u-ns, I guess you’re going to vote against these guys and lady, but I just regret that you’re taking it out on the individual people that run the board.
Sen. Kathy Klausmeier, D-Baltimore County,

commenting on the vote against three nominees for the Handgun Permit Review Board.


Del. Dereck Davis. (File)
Del. Dereck Davis. (File)

How can I put this: I don’t owe the comptroller a damn thing.

Del. Dereck Davis, D-Prince George’s and chair of the House Economic Matters Committee,

when asked why he had not introduced Comptroller Peter Franchot’s bill easing restrictions on the craft brewing industry.


Senate President Thomas V. "Mike" Miller. (File)
Senate President Thomas V. “Mike” Miller. (File)

It affects every decision you make, so you look in the morning to see if your hair is still there.

Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr.,

on dealing with his aggressive prostate cancer, for which he will undergo chemotherapy during the 90-day session.


Comptroller Peter Franchot. (The Daily Record / Maximilian Franz)
Comptroller Peter Franchot. (The Daily Record / Maximilian Franz)

I had my dad there for a secondary reason. I wanted to remind people that I am not term-limited and he’s 97.

Comptroller Peter Franchot,

speaking on having his father attend his swearing-in last week.


grc59173-milko-jamesI would hazard a guess that 10 out of 10 Marylanders won’t even know that adultery is a crime. They certainly don’t want the court acting as the morality police.

James Milko, immediate past chair of the Maryland State Bar Association’s Family and Juvenile Law Section Council,

speaking on a bill to decriminalize adultery.


Sen. Ron Young, D-Frederick. (Bryan P. Sears)
Sen. Ron Young, D-Frederick. (Bryan P. Sears)

Mothers are great. I’d never have won my first election without mine.

Sen. Ron Young, D-Frederick.


luedtke-eric-delegate3mfWe’re the Maryland state legislature. We can do whatever we want.

Del. Eric Luedtke, D-Montgomery.

Some of us can.

Del. Jason Buckel, R-Allegany.


Sen. Susan C. Lee, D-Montgomery, is the sponsor of a measure would require the prosecution of anyone who made threats that would — if carried out — immediately put five or more people in substantial risk of their safety. (File photo)
Sen. Susan C. Lee, D-Montgomery. (File photo)

This bill will include access to justice for victims who were not under their own free will and will help them escape from the perpetual cycle of servitude or sexual abuse and exploitation and be able to recover and rebuild their lives.

Sen. Susan C. Lee, D-Montgomery,

sponsor of a bill to expand the crimes that can be vacated for victims of sexual trafficking.


Maryland Del. Gabriel Acevero talks about a bill he is sponsoring to require the release of documentation relating to investigations and prior complaints lodged against police officers to people who complain about the officers in later investigations, during a news conference on Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2019 in Annapolis, Md. The Montgomery County Democrat is naming the legislation after Anton Black, a 19-year-old who died Sept. 15 after a struggle with three Greensboro, Md., police officers and a civilian outside his family's home. Black's father, Antone Black, is standing at left. His mother, Jennell Black, is standing at right, with Del. Nick Moseby, of Baltimore, standing far right. (AP Photo/Brian Witte)
Maryland Del. Gabriel Acevero. (AP Photo/Brian Witte)

This is not socialism, though I’d like it to be.

Del. Gabriel Acevero, D-Montgomery,

on passage of the $15 minimum wage proposal in the House.


‘I'm pleased to say that we have a budget before you that is balanced, that is great for Maryland's children,’ said Del. Maggie McIntosh, the chair of the House Appropriations Committee. (File photo)
Del. Maggie McIntosh, t(File photo)

This is the largest budget for our children ever.

Del. Maggie McIntosh, the chair of the House Appropriations Committee,

discussing education funding in the state budget passed by the House.


Del. Nicholaus Kipke. (File Photo)
Del. Nicholaus Kipke. (File Photo)

This is sort of an unprecedented move for the minority party to be in this position, but I stand in sincere solidarity with the speaker.

House Minority Leader Del. Nicholaus Kipke, R-Anne Arundel,

who introduced a bill on behalf of House Speaker Michael Busch to reform UMMS board policies.


Delegate (Hasan ‘Jay’) Jalisi could have avoided this public shaming if he had simply accepted and tried to learn from the advice and guidance so many have offered him.

The legislature’s Joint Ethics Committee,

in recommending a reprimand of Jalisi for it said was a pattern of bullying.


Sen. Cheryl Kagan, D-Montgomery County.
Sen. Cheryl Kagan, D-Montgomery County.

I have had three people die in my district when 911 has failed. That has inspired my efforts on this issue.

Sen. Cheryl Kagan, D-Montgomery,

sponsor of legislation to provide technology upgrades to the state’s 911 system.


It’s like ‘Casablanca,’ where they walk into the gambling casino and say, ‘I’m shocked, there’s gambling going on.’

Comptroller Peter Franchot,

referring to legislators’ outrage over the disclosures of possible conflicts of interest among UMMS board members.


Acting Mayor Bernard C. "Jack" Young in Annapolis, where he met with members of the Baltimore City legislative delegation. At left is Sen. Antonio Hayes, chairman of the city delegation, and at right is Sen. William "Bill" Ferguson. (The Daily Record / Bryan P. Sears)
Acting Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young (The Daily Record / Bryan P. Sears)

I am looking forward to just running the city of Baltimore until the mayor returns, or if the mayor decides not to come back I’m ready to take the helm and run the city.

Acting Baltimore Mayor Bernard C. ‘Jack’ Young after Mayor Catherine Pugh announced she was taking a leave, citing medical reasons.















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