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Maryland’s Largest Law Firms 2019

5. Shulman Rogers

12505 Park Potomac Avenue
Potomac, MD 20854

(301) 230-5200

Number of lawyers in Maryland: 91
Number of lawyers at partner level: 48
Number of female lawyers at partner level: 9
Number of non-white lawyers at partner level: 2
Number of lawyers of counsel: 10
Number of departures in 2018: 12
Number of new hires in 2018: 11 (Male: 7; Female: 4)
Number of elevations in 2018: 3 (Male: 1; Female: 2)
Number of associates: 33
Number of billable hours expected of associates: 1,800
Who is the firm’s managing partner or managing partner equivalent?: Samuel M. Spiritos
What new practice group areas did your firm create in 2018?: Cannabis; Smart Cities and Smart Buildings; Solar.

Information is as of Jan. 1, 2019, based on survey responses and company websites. Companies that did not respond are marked with an asterisk.