Attorneys answer: Who is your favorite fictional lawyer?

The Daily Record asked several top Maryland lawyers who are their favorite fictional lawyer.

Stephanie Baron

Stephanie Baron
Miles & Stockbridge
“My favorite fictional lawyer is Joe Pesci’s character Vinny Gambini in the movie ‘My Cousin Vinny.’ He was scrappy, he didn’t back down and ultimately he was a winner!”


Michael A. Brown
Nelson Mullins
“One of my favorite fictional lawyers is certainly Vincent Gambini (Joe Pesci) from ‘My Cousin Vinny.’ Another one of my favorites is Al Pacino (Arthur Kirkland) from ‘… and justice for all.’ As a young lawyer I always wanted to be Blair Underwood, who played the Jonathan Rollins character in ‘L.A. Law.’”


Lauren Colton
Hogan Lovells

“To those who know me, it shouldn’t be surprising that my favorite fictional lawyer is Elle Woods from ‘Legally Blonde.’ She wasn’t afraid to be herself and found her own way to help clients.”


Dana S. Gloor
Miles & Stockbridge
“My favorite fictional lawyer is Horace Rumpole, of course.”

Matthew F. Gorra

Matthew F. Gorra

Matthew F. Gorra
DLA Piper
“It’s not a movie or book, but I do enjoy TV shows about lawyers such as ‘Suits’ or ‘Ally McBeal’ (dating myself). These shows are an almost perfectly inaccurate depiction of law firm life, but occasionally something strikes a chord and the characters make me laugh.”

Michael Hardy

Michael Hardy

Michael Hardy
Duane Morris
“My favorite fictional lawyer is a tie: Lionel Hutz (from ‘The Simpsons’) and Vincent Gambini.”


Scott Museles
Shulman Rogers
“There are a lot of good choices, but I think I’ll have to go with Tom Cruise in ‘A Few Good Men.’ Maybe I can incorporate the gist of one of the movie’s best lines into my practice: ‘You WANT me on that deal … you NEED me on that deal!’”


Alicia Ritchie
Miles & Stockbridge
“Without a doubt, my favorite fictional lawyer is Atticus Finch from my favorite book, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’ He stood up for fairness and justice when others wouldn’t.”


Deborah St. Lawrence Thompson
Nelson Mullins
“My favorite fictional lawyer is Vincent Gambini.”

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