Kelly M. Schulz

Maryland Department of Commerce

Kelly M. Schulz

Kelly M. Schulz

Kelly M. Schulz became secretary of the Maryland Department of Commerce in 2019, having previously served as Secretary of the Department of Labor, where she worked to create a new culture within in the department. There, she worked to educate costumers on compliance with laws and regulations instead of focusing only on punishing for noncompliance. As part of that, the Department of Labor reorganized and expanded the Office of Apprenticeships and other states are now emulating that model.

Schulz is treasurer of the National Association of State Workforce Agencies and as secretary of commerce serves on a number of state committees, boards and councils.


This is a winner profile from The Daily Record's 2019 Top 100 Women awards. Information for this profile was sourced from the honoree's application for the award.

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