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Flowers, kindness and compassion – in May and year-round

Sarah David

Sarah David

With spring bursting into bloom, we are all able to enjoy the sight of flowers. But flowers are important year-round: Law firms and other businesses send bouquets to clients to say thank you and to members of their own organizations to mark birthdays, births and, of course, funerals.

You can also use flowers to give back to your community, thanks to a national organization called Random Acts of Flowers, whose mission is to bring happiness in the form of floral bouquets to patients in health care facilities. Along with the flowers, patients are offered encouragement, support and a moment of kindness and compassion.

Random Acts of Flowers says its flower deliveries have been shown to benefit patients’ health and well-being. According to the group’s website, a study conducted in early 2016 by the University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine found that almost 95% of respondents said the unexpected delivery of a bouquet from Random Acts of Flowers improved their overall emotional wellness, with 73.5% reporting “extreme improvement.”

The study also found that bouquets delivered by Random Acts of Flowers were often the only sign of the outside world in patients’ hospital rooms. According to the University of Tennessee medical school study, 81.1% of respondents reported they had not received flowers from any other source and 11.3% said the group’s volunteers were their only visitors during their hospital stay.

Worth mentioning: Random Acts of Flowers strives to recycle 100% of its arrangements, from ribbons, wire and foam, to vases and flowers. Clippings and other green waste are composted and used by landscapers, gardeners and other community partners.

So enjoy the springtime in Maryland — and think about how you can bring a little good weather into somebody’s life.