What’s in your purse? Natasha Dartigue

In each issue of Path to Excellence,  we ask a successful woman, “What’s in your purse?”

blt-051319-purse-dartigue-natasha-posingNatasha Dartigue
Deputy District Public Defender – Baltimore City
Office of the Public Defender

Sometimes it’s small things that can make a big change. Two years ago Natasha Dartigue wanted to stop drinking soda, so she purchased a water bottle that she carries with her.

“Two years ago I decided I was not going to drink soda and I bought this small (water) bottle,” Dartigue, a deputy district public defender in the Baltimore City Office of the Public Defender, said. “It’s been over two years and I have not had any soda whatsoever.”

The water bottle is just one of the many practical things Dartigue has in her purse. Her Louis Vuitton Neverfull purse carries many of the things she needs for her day-to-day life. She purchased the purse for herself to celebrate a “milestone” birthday.

There’s also a pack of wet wipes. She uses those to deal with the residue from her favorite snack — Cheetos.

“Because I’m known for always eating Cheetos, I carry my wipes,” she said.

This spring she’s been carrying a “parent lanyard” for her daughter who plays lacrosse at George Mason University. She spent a lot of time traveling to her games along the East Coast this spring. She even made a same-day trip up and back to Amherst, Massachusetts, for a game against the University of Massachusetts.

Then for her son, who is a freshman at Loyola Blakefield High School, she has a card from the school’s moms’ group that has the prayer of St. Ignatius on it.

She also has two pairs of headphones. The wired ones she uses for talking on the phone, while her wireless ones she uses when she is watching something on Netflix or a TED talk. She’s currently streaming “Halt and Catch Fire,” a TV series that’s about the personal computer revolution.

“It’s fictional, but it’s interesting how things have evolved,” Dartigue said. “I’m … at the part where Yahoo and Google are starting to develop.”

blt-051319-purse-dartigue-natasha-jbwThe purse: A Louis Vuitton Neverfull purse. She bought it for herself for a “milestone” birthday last year.
1. Water bottle: She used to drink Pepsi quite a bit, but two years ago she decided to give up soda. Carrying the water bottle has helped her not drink soda.
2. Coach ID holder: Easy to carry by itself if she doesn’t want to carry her whole purse. She’s on her second one after wearing the first one out.
3. Hand cream: Bath and Body Works stress relief hand cream.
4. Parent lanyard: For her daughter, who plays lacrosse at George Mason.
5. Rubber bracelet: For the Office of the Public Defender. She thinks they were made for a conference several years ago.
6. Coach wallet.
7. Headphones: She uses the wired ones for talking on the phone. She uses the wireless Beats for listening to shows or TED talks.
8. iPad: She carries it for various reasons, such as watching Netflix at the gym. She’s currently into the series “Halt and Catch Fire.”
9. Smaller wallet: Which she uses mainly as a business card holder.
10. Spiral notebook: She got this one at a conference as president of the Monumental City Bar Association. This one has post-it notes in it and she loves the fact that it’s spiralbound.
11. Reading glasses.
12. Chocolate bars: She loves Hershey’s.
13. Wet wipes: She loves Cheetos but needs the wipes to get rid of the orange residue.
14. Knit case: She’s had it forever and uses it to carry her lipstick and other cosmetics.
15. Tide stain stick.
16. Extra cell phone charger plug.
17. Loyola Blakefield prayer card: Her son goes to Loyola Blakefield and the mothers club gave out cards with the St. Ignatius prayer on it.
18. A Loyola Blakefield pen.
19. Mints.
20. Clear nail polish: To save her pantyhose if she has a run.
21. Flash drives: She gives presentations and has those saved on the drives.
22. iPhone: She has an old photo of her son and daughter as the wallpaper.

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