Pro Bono Resource Center staff members pose for a photo at the Baltimore Convention Center during the annual Maryland Partners for Justice Conference. Pictured are, from left, Kiah Pierre, trainings and records manager; Johanna Eisenberger; Elizabeth Grove, executive assistant; Monica Larsen, MD Immigrant Legal Assistance Project paralegal; Ki’Andre Rist, project coordinator; Margaret Henn, director of the Home Preservation Project; Sadaf Shafique; Caitlin Goldblatt, project coordinator; Linzey Powers, director of development; Cate Hulme, MD Immigrant Legal Assistance Project manager; Sydney Dunning, director of the Courtroom Advocacy Project; Dave Pantzer, director of education, outreach and technology; Annie Speedie, director of programming; Shila Mashhadishafie, chair of the Partners for Justice Planning Committee; Sharon E. Goldsmith, PBRC executive director; and Shelly Jackson, staff attorney. (Photo by Stephanie Joseph)

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