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Study: Maryland the place to be for network administrators

Maryland is the best state in the country for network administrators, a study from Comparitech found.

Network administrators in Maryland make the most money, and the state employs the highest rate of network administrators.

Network administrators, also called network and computer systems administrators, make about $108,000 on average, easily the best average salary in the country. There are also a lot of them, with more than six  out of every 1,000 jobs in Maryland filled by a network administrator.

There are more than 16,200 network administrators in the state.

It is also a growing role in Maryland. More than 6,400 network administrator roles are unfilled, and the number of network administrators is expected to grow 7.7%. The position’s salary is expected to grow nearly 40 percent.

Overall, the numbers make Maryland the best state in the country to be a network administrator, and it is not particularly close. Comparitech gave Maryland a composite score of more than 67, about 7 points higher than the next state, Texas.

That same gap covered the difference between Texas and the fifth state in the rankings, Utah.

But it is Utah that Maryland needs to keep an eye on if it wants to stay No. 1, Comparitech warned. Utah has the best projections for growth in the field, both over the next two years and over the next 10.

One of Maryland’s neighbors did not fare as well in the study. Pennsylvania ranked 50th out of 52 (the study included the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico in its rankings).

Pennsylvania was not the worst in any particular category, but it does have below-average salaries for network administrators and projects a long-term decline of more than 13% in the number of people in that role.

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