Most respondents to poll say ICE should get Md. driver’s license data

More than half of respondents to The Daily Record’s Pulse Poll think current law that lets Immigrations and Customs Enforcement access Maryland driver’s license data. Nearly half said the law should be changed.

Maryland is one of 13 states that issue driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants. Local, state and federal law enforcement agencies have access to information about Maryland driver’s license or identification card holders for law enforcement purposes under state law.

Del. Joseline Peña-Melnyk said Maryland’s law allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses was never intended to make a registry that could be used by immigration enforcement authorities to target people living in Maryland. She and Del. Charles Sydnor plan to sponsor legislation that would make it harder for the state to turn over driver’s license photos and other data, if not outright prohibit such actions.

Should Maryland law be changed so the state doesn’t share driver’s license data with immigration enforcement authorities?




This is an infringement of my privacy and would be an unacceptable major next step in centralization of private data for which I have there would be no controls or protections. I suspect there are legal precedent against such action coming from the recent decision by the Supreme Court on Trump effort to put citizenship question in the census.

— Barbara Beelar

We are not Nazis. driver’s license is to prove you’re a competent driver and you are who you are. I don’t want to drive immigrants underground. That is not good for Maryland.

— Justina Starobin

Like every other country in the world, our federal government should be able to track immigrants in our country.

— Dan Roche

I just went through the Real ID process, and it’s going to be difficult for many US citizens to qualify, much less immigrants. Even my husband will have issues coming up with enough documents, since our house bills are in my name. Keep our state info out of the hands of ICE. No good will come of this. Also, I’m a registered D and the MVA clerk asked if I wanted to change my registration. What’s up with that, Hogan?

— Adele Abrams

Search without warrant.

— Richard Gilpin

We want undocumented immigrants to have driver’s licenses so that they are covered under insurance policies should they be at fault in an accident. It’s better for everyone. If they have to fear deportation due to their driver’s license, they won’t get them any more.

— Delandra Navarro

Sick of the fraudulent voters –and I feel that is what this is all about!

— Jamie McGuirk

The Trump Administration is not carrying out immigration laws correctly and should not be allowed access to drivers licenses of undocumented immigrants. The purpose of the law was to promote good driving and administer effective licensing.

— Charles Herbert

We need to support immigration laws.

— Brian Gant

All branches of local and federal law enforcement should have access to public DMV registration data, any photos and information willingly offered and gathered when applying for the privilege to drive in MD.

— Tim Abrams