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Criminal procedure — Motion to suppress evidence — Terry stop

Appellant, Devonte Williams, appeals from the Circuit Court for Baltimore City’s denial of his motion to suppress 15 gel caps of Fentanyl found on his person. Williams consented to consented to proceed with a plea of not guilty with an agreed statement of facts. The court convicted Williams of one count of possession with intent to distribute Fentanyl. Afterward, the court sentenced him to eight years’ incarceration.

Williams filed a timely appeal and presents two questions for review: I. Whether the trial court erred in denying Williams’ motion to suppress because (A) Defendant’s arrest lacked probable cause, making the eventual search “fruit of the poisonous tree”; (B) the officers lacked reasonable articulable suspicion for an investigative stop as required by Crosby v. State; and (C) the officers exceeded the permissible scope of a Terry stop by searching Williams when they lacked reasonable articulable suspicion that he was armed and dangerous, as required by Sellman v. State? II. Whether the trial court committed reversible error in finding sufficient evidence to meet all elements of possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance?

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