Allison Kerwin, Mehrshad Mehboudi and Amy Ramnarine | McDaniel College

Allison Kerwin, Mehrshad Mehboudi joined the faculty and Amy Ramnarine was promoted at McDaniel College.

kerwin-allison-mcdaniel-collegeKerwin, a Westminster resident, joins the college as assistant professor of biology. Kerwin’s microbiome research investigating symbiotic microbes that drive biological processes is the next frontier of microbiology. Her students will gain a broad training in current biological research and publish their results, while also acquiring a variety of transferable skills for many different biological and bioinformatic systems. She earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from Smith College and a master’s degree in biology from Northeastern University’s Three Seas Professional Master’s Program. She also received a doctorate in molecular and cell biology from the University of Connecticut in August 2017. Her field of study was microbiology, and she entitled her dissertation “Stability, development and function of a symbiotic bacterial community associated with the reproductive system of the Hawaiian bobtail squid, Euprymna scolopes.”

mehboudi-mehrshad-mcdaniel-collegeMehboudi, a Westminster resident, joins the college as assistant professor of engineering. He brings five years of experience as a visiting instructor and teacher assistant as well as five years of industry work in industrial boiler and furnace manufacturing companies. His major achievement involved predicting structural phase transition in monochalcogenides monolayers and their properties.
Mehboudi earned a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Tehran and Iran University of Science and Technology. He completed his master’s degree in micro-electronics photonics from the University of Arkansas. In 2019, Mehboudi completed his doctorate in micro-electronics photonics from the Institute for Nanoscience and Engineering, University of Arkansas, where he did his dissertation on theoretical and numerical modeling of two-dimensional materials. Two-dimensional materials are a class of material with a thickness of one to a few atoms.

ramnarine-amy-mcdaniel-collegeRamnarine, an Owings Mills resident, was promoted from visiting assistant professor to assistant professor of economics. Ramnarine’s past personal experiences as an undergraduate mathematics tutor, and graduate teaching assistant have contributed greatly to her desire and passion for teaching. She has taught development economics, intermediate microeconomics, principle of economics, introduction to statistics and economic issues and policy. Prior to joining McDaniel, she served as an assistant professor and staff advisor at Occidental College in Los Angeles. Ramnarine earned her bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University and a master’s degree in economics from Florida International University. She received a doctorate in economics from Florida International University, where she did a dissertation entitled “Essays in Women’s Issues and Economic Development.

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