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Annette Wallace

Chief Operations and Academic Officer
Worcester County Public Schools

wallace-annette-mf-0940As principal at Pocomoke High School, Annette Wallace and her team set a goal that every student have a plan beyond high school.

“Project 100” helped every student find an opportunity such as college, workforce development or the military.

“In a sense, through Project 100, we are selling hope to our communities, our families and our students during a time in our world where hope is much needed,” she said during a celebration of Pocomoke’s class of 2017.

In 2016, she was named Maryland High School Principal of the Year and last year she became chief operating officer of the school system. She is also the academic officer for grades 9-12, which allows her to provide leadership at the high school level on everything from curriculum development to Advanced Placement opportunities.

One of her biggest inspirations is her father, who struggled with mental health issues and addiction and eventually died by suicide.

“He was committed to my sister and myself having every opportunity we could imagine and he taught us to unlock our dreams through an unquenchable thirst for learning,” Wallace said. “He taught me to see failure as an opportunity to learn something about myself and others and then to re-set and try again.”

Wallace earned her doctorate in school leadership from the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore, her master’s from Wilmington University and her bachelor’s from Salisbury University. She is a Sunday school teacher at the church she has attended since birth and recently joined the board of the local homeless shelter. In 2018, she was recognized as a Maryland Outstanding Leader Using Technology by the Maryland Society of Education Technology.

She reminds students that they can overcome life’s obstacles.

“You are making a commitment to your family, yourselves and your teachers to make your big, impossible, just-right dreams a reality,” she said at the Project 100 event.

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