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Christopher Jennison

Attorney Advisor
Federal Aviation Administration

jennison-christopher-9189On Thursdays, Christopher Jennison will put in a full day’s work as an attorney advisor at the Federal Aviation Administration. By 7 p.m., he is at the Bethesda Chevy Chase Rescue Squad to put in a 12-hour shift as a volunteer EMT.

It’s not often that he gets no sleep but typically he will go on four or five ambulance calls in a night and only get a couple of hours of sleep.
“It’s a nice change of pace from what I do day to day as a lawyer,” he said. “… It certainly feels very different helping somebody in a direct way when they call for emergency help versus helping a client manager defend themselves. It is great to see that direct impact.”

A volunteer EMT since 2008, Jennison also takes on weekend shifts and estimates he has been on more than 1,300 ambulance calls and on duty for more than 12,000 hours.

Born in Silver Spring, Jennison earned a bachelor’s degree in public relations and policy studies from Syracuse University. While going for his master’s in public administration at the University of Pennsylvania, he saw many of the case studies he was reading always came down to who had the legal teeth to back up whatever side they were advocating.

“I figured if I wanted to be an effective person in policy I should also have some understanding of the law,” he said.

Jennison returned to Syracuse University for his Juris Doctor. With a desire to work in the federal government after being a law clerk for U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, he started working with the Federal Aviation Administration in 2017 as an attorney advisor in the employment and labor law division of the office of the chief counsel.

Last year, he became an adjunct professor at Catholic University’s School of Metropolitan Studies teaching paralegal studies.

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