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Lockheed Martin to bring Challenge Box to UM campus next week

University of Maryland, College Park, students will be asking not “what’s in the box?” but “how do I get into the box” next week.

Lockheed Martin will bring its Challenge Box to the university’s Brandon Iribe Center for Computer Science and Engineering this week as part of its recruitment efforts.

Students will be confronted with the 14-foot tall, 12,000-pound box and asked to solve a problem to get into the box. 

For the lucky few who manage to get in, they’ll “experience a simulated immersive voyage through the cosmos.” More practically, they’ll also get bumped to the top of the firm’s recruiting list.

The box has typically required students to answer engineering questions to unlock its hidden door, but Lockheed will be adding computer science questions next week for the first time.

Students who manage to get in will also get one additional extra-challenging question.

With the greater challenge comes a greater reward: an instant letter of intent-to-hire from Lockheed Martin for the student who solves the problem.

The Challenge Box will be in the Iribe Center Monday through Wednesday next week.

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