What’s in your purse: Nancy Grasmick:

Nancy Grasmick

Nancy Grasmick

Nancy Grasmick, Ph.D., has spent the bulk of her life dedicated to the education of children. She is currently serving as a Presidential Scholar at Towson University, her undergraduate alma mater, where she can work across all departments on a variety of projects.

But she’s involved in many other ways too.

Grasmick was the state superintendent of Maryland public schools from 1991 to 2011. She was the first female superintendent in Maryland history and remains the longest-serving appointed superintendent in U.S. history, according to Towson’s website. She’s still involved, in a variety of ways, in helping children get the strongest education possible.

She is the first female president of the board and a faculty member at the Kennedy Krieger Institute, where she is co-directing a fellowship program aimed at preparing administrators in special education.

“(We’re) working with educators who need to understand much more about children with diseases of the brain than they would ever learn in an institution of higher education,” Grasmick said. “So they come and stay for a year and study, etc. It’s a great program.”

Her work as Presidential Scholar at Towson, a position she was named to in 2012, allows her to focus on many different areas, not just education. Currently she’s working on women’s leadership for students and those outside of Towson University. That involves both corporate and nonprofit entities.

“They come here to study because they are interested in achieving a higher level,” Grasmick said. “Of course we have women we are cultivating who are on the campus. And we’re working with high school juniors from Baltimore County in a women’s leadership initiative.”

She’s also worked on the design of an innovative high school program at Frederick High School called LYNX (Linking Youth to New Experiences). It’s a program she said has seen amazing results and one they hope to expand across the state. The program aims to provide individualized, self-directed learning experiences for success.

blt-grasmick-nancy-purse_webThe purse:

  1. A Michael Kors bag. She has a fur ball attached to it. “When I go to the zoo, the animals love this,” Grasmick said.
  2. Good & Plenty candies.
  3. Wilhelmina mints.
  4. Hand sanitizer.
  5. Kleenex tissues.
  6. Tylenol.
  7. EpiPen.
  8. Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools nametag.
  9. List of physical therapy exercises for a torn tendon.
  10. Keys with a pig decoration because it is the Year of the Pig.
  11. The Constitution of the United States. “I think everyone should know about the Constitution and I refer to it frequently. You can see it’s sort of dog-eared,” she said.
  12. Towson University athletics credential.
  13. Brochure about the LYNX school in Frederick because she likes talking about it to people.
  14. Kennedy Krieger Institute name badge.
  15. iPhone.
  16. Lipstick.
  17. Prada money purse to carry credit cards, etc.

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