Women on boards: Creating the pathway and pipeline

Executive Alliance Logo_FINAL4Executive Alliance’s Women on Boards Committee (WOB) is at the epicenter of the 26-year-old organization. WOB as it is known within the ranks of the organization, is where Executive Alliance’s mission comes full circle.

Women on Boards’ focus is to educate and enlighten women about what it takes to get on a board of influence, which includes boards of public and privately held companies, nonprofit institutions and public sector policy-making and regulatory boards and commissions. They do this by positioning Executive Alliance as a strategic partner to regional and statewide organizations, and businesses, convening educational board forums and women directors’ events, advocacy and board census reporting. Through these activities Executive Alliance seeks to create a pathway and fill the pipeline of women who are available and ready for leadership opportunities with the ultimate goal of increasing the number of women on boards and decreasing the excuse by heads of corporations and organizations that “we just can’t find any women.”

Since 2007 Executive Alliance has been tracking and measuring the representation of women in the boardrooms of public companies based in Maryland and listed on NASDAQ, American and New York Stock Exchange. These findings are reported in the annual Census Report of Women Board Directors in Maryland. More on Executive Alliance’s Census Reports.

Resources for Women Interested in the Path to Obtaining a Board Seat

The Executive Alliance Women on Boards Committee has provided the following list of resources to assist women professionals who are seeking information about the Board recruitment and selection process and what it takes to get in the pipeline.

Women in The Boardroom

Since 2002, Women in The Boardroom has assisted women to get a seat at the table. With nearly 50% of its VIP Members serving on corporate boards, their proven process provides a customized step-by-step approach to getting on your first, second or third corporate board. This includes exclusive programs such as our Matchmaking Program (TM), Annual Board Assembly and proven networking process. https://womenintheboardroom.com/

2020 women on boards

In 2010, two women were motivated by the lack of representation of women on corporate boards and the fact that the numbers were not increasing. They created a nonprofit organization that would concentrate on mobilizing stakeholders, from the consumer to the boardroom, to get involved and raise these numbers. 2020 Women on Boards focuses on educating all people about the importance of this issue. https://www.2020wob.com/

The Boardlist

The Boardlist is an online service that creates a curated talent marketplace for business leaders to recommend, discover and connect highly qualified women across industries with private and public board opportunities at scale. https://www.theboardlist.com

The Board Game: How Smart Women Become Corporate Directors

The board game presents the undeniable case for having more women corporate directors at the decision-making tables of America’s public companies. Fifty-eight women directors tell how they won their first board seats. From her executive-search perspective, author Betsy Berkhemer-Credaire gives valuable advice to women at all career stages — so you, your sisters, your mothers and your daughters will have a chance to win the board game. Author: Betsy Berkhemer-Credaire.

Answering the Call: Understanding the duties, risks & rewards of corporate governance

Answering the Call is a concise, easy to read overview of the responsibilities of serving as a board member on any type of corporate board. The book covers the liabilities, risks, and also the many rewards of being a director. The book is aimed at any current or prospective board member. The book also includes several exciting chapters about how to position yourself for a board seat, and information about the benefits of boardroom diversity. Author: Lynn Shapiro Snyder and Robert D. Reif.

NACD – National Association of Corporate Directors

NACD Board Services help directors strengthen investor trust and stakeholder confidence by ensuring that today’s board leaders are well prepared for tomorrow’s challenges.
NACD’s methods are based on more than 40 years of NACD research and the experience gained over years of public, private and nonprofit board engagements. NACD serves as independent and objective advisors.

Nasdaq-Center for Board Excellence

Nasdaq has acquired Greensboro, North Carolina-based Center for Board Excellence (CBE), a privately held provider of corporate governance and compliance solutions. With its focus on supporting boards of directors, CEOs, corporate secretaries, and general counsels, the combination will further solidify Nasdaq’s leadership in advancing governance excellence and collaboration at public, private, and nonprofit organizations worldwide.

This article is featured in The Daily Record and Executive Alliance's Women's Leadership Resource Guide 2019-2020. 

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