Dr. Andrea H. Parrish

parrish-andrea-needs-to-be-croppedDr. Andrea H. Parrish

Director of Development and Learning Systems

IDEALS Institute, Johns Hopkins University

Ever since Andrea Parrish, Ph.D. earned a bachelor’s degree in special education from Towson University in 2004, she’s been on a mission to improve education systems. She now serves as the Director of Development and Learning Systems at the IDEALS Institute at Johns Hopkins University, where she conducts research and leads development on projects related to educational technology, special education, developmental health, quality care and effective instructional practices in education.

Parrish’s background in education is extensive. She has held positions in K-12 and higher education. She was a special educator and administrator for Baltimore County Public Schools. She also served as a  lecturer, clinical faculty, tenure-track faculty and director of graduate programs for Goucher College, Towson University and Johns Hopkins University.

Parrish conducted and published a national research study of experts from across the U.S. to design teaching competencies for effective instruction in one-to-one technology learning environments. She is now extending this work at IDEALS to design a widely applicable instrument to support K-12 teachers’ use of technology in the classroom.

“Andrea is a change-agent. Since joining the Hopkins team, she immediately mobilized her colleagues in pursuit of opportunities to make big impacts in the world. Andrea is not content to pursue her own glory; she thinks as a team-player and always looks for opportunities to empower her colleagues, both within and beyond our team, to make their respective contributions on behalf of improving the lives of kids,” said Chris Swanson, director of the IDEALS Institute.

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