Attorney, husband, father: Thoughts on a plane

Jermaine Haughton

Jermaine Haughton

I have been on a plane more times this year than in the first 27 years of my life combined. I love traveling and taking/defending depositions across the country. It’s fascinating. In only a year and a half of doing medical malpractice work at WVFO, I have taken or defended depositions in nearly 20 states, from Massachusetts to Florida to Arizona. Some of the people I’ve deposed are doctors who are national and international leaders in their fields. It’s a rush every time.

But a bigger rush is knowing my firm trusts me enough to give me this level of responsibility. (Side note: As young lawyers, we should welcome big responsibility when we get it!! Why be afraid to fail??) Quite frankly, I enjoy the risks that come with my level of responsibility. Knowing that my clients and my firm trust and believe in me is an awesome feeling — second only to getting a favorable result for our clients.

And sometimes I have to travel.

My wife and son miss me when I’m away, but they could not be more supportive. They know I have to pay my dues.

When I’m traveling, I love FaceTime calls with Shahrazad and Jaiden. Jaiden is almost 2 and thinks he’s a comedian. He has the funniest dance moves and is quick to follow up his babbling jokes with “Jaiden’s funny!” But, more important, he thinks his dad is a comedian. Making crazy faces always works, and for some reason he finds my attempts at singing to be amusing. Shahrazad is beautiful and I love to see her smile. She is super-attorney, wife and mother. I have seen her — within a 24-hour period — help me get ready for a trip, take Jaiden to school and prevail in a hearing. I bring back flowers and toy planes when I’ve been away for some time.

I’m happy the firm sees me as the workhorse I’ve always wanted to be as an attorney. My wife and son see me as the guy who’s gone every now and then, but also as the guy who knows how to make them laugh and smile.

It’s a busy life, being an attorney, husband and father, but it’s a wonderful life.

Jermaine Haughton, a medical malpractice attorney at Wais Vogelstein Forman & Offutt LLC, is a 2015 graduate of the University of Baltimore School of Law. He can be reached at Jermaine@malpracticeteam.com.

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