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For working mothers: Opportunities to give back and meet friends

Sarah David

Sarah David

Finding time and sustaining friendships are some of the most challenging aspects of being a working mother. Though we want to give back to the community and to meet up with friends for a drink or two on a weeknight, it seems almost impossible to find time given the demands of motherhood and career.

However, one woman is trying to change all this by combining a Mom’s Night Out with a service opportunity.

Laurie Rosen, marketing manager for The Center of Dentistry, is a mother of two and organizes a “VolunTeam” through the Jewish Volunteer connection at The Associated Jewish Charities. The team consists exclusively of mothers who volunteer as a way to give back to their communities and to spend time together. The group has served dinner to families at Ronald McDonald House, assembled boxes of nighttime materials for children at Bedtime in a Box and put together 150 hygiene kits for homeless shelters.

“I started this group because it combines my two passions of helping others and connecting people,” Rosen said. “We are very busy as moms and have limited time, but we also want to give back.”

Rosen’s group is comprised of almost 100 mothers. “Our community is truly amazing and so many people want to give their time,” Rosen said. “The response has been incredible and I feel very fortunate to live in a community with these volunteers who want to make a difference!”

The group has no trouble attracting people to its events, which in fact sometimes fill up completely. Interest in finding events that allow people to engage in the community and develop relationships is high, especially among mothers. While lots of programs allow parents to volunteer with their children, there is a special value in Rosen’s vision of helping mothers find their role as individuals while engaging in their community.

As we begin 2020, think about the communities you’re a part of – an office, a professional organization or even a group of friends at happy hour – that could engage in purposeful socializing. Like Rosen, you could create a social network and make a big difference.