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MVLS receives $200K for low-income homeowners’ program

Attorney Timothy Chance xxxx (Submitted photo)

Attorney Timothy J. Chance has been hired to serve as the ‘tangled title’ staff attorney for MVLS’ homeowners’ program.  (Submitted photo)

The Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service has received $200,000 from the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development for its low-income homeowners’ program.

The grant, which was nearly $45,000 more than what MVLS received last year for the program, allowed the nonprofit to hire a staff attorney to provide free legal representation and to educate low-income Maryland residents about estate planning, MVLS said in a news release.

The homeowners’ program is in its second year.

The program — Homeowner: My Home, My Deed, My Legacy — is funded by the Department of Housing and Community Development, which last year provided a grant of $155,476, MVLS reported.

“In less than a year, we were able to maintain home ownership for a significant number of Baltimore City residents who had deed issues or other estate administration challenges,” MVLS Executive Director Susan Francis said in the news release. “What’s more, our citywide awareness program educated thousands of residents who sought more information through our website and collateral materials so they too can remain in their homes.”

Last year, several hundred Maryland residents were able to resolve deed issues and secure ownership of their homes through the program, Department of Housing and Community Development Secretary Kenneth Holt said.

MVLS hired lawyer Timothy J. Chance to serve as its “tangled title” staff attorney. Chance will provide representation and advice to residents with estate administration and deed or other property-related matters, the release said. He will also help screen clients for eligibility for the homeowners’ program and match those clients with volunteer lawyers.

To learn more about the homeowners’ program or to check if your name is listed on the deed to your home, visit or call the program’s hotline at 443-451-4066.

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