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FEATURED MOVER | K. Nichole Nesbitt, Goodell DeVries

K. Nichole Nesbitt, a partner at Goodell DeVries, was named chair of The Network of Trial Law Firms for 2020.

Nesbitt has served on the network’s executive committee since 2017, working to advance its mission of strengthening strategic business relationships among the country’s leading trial law firms. She’s also served in leadership roles in the Maryland Defense Counsel, Defense Research Institute and JDRF.

Her practice at Goodell DeVries focuses on medical malpractice defense and complex commercial litigation.


Goodell DeVries partner K. Nichole Nesbitt, chair of The Network of Trial Law Firms.


Resides in:



Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, in criminology and criminal justice from University of Maryland; Juris Doctor, order of the coif, from University of Maryland School of Law

If you had not chosen law as a profession, what profession would you choose and why?

I went to law school initially as a means of getting into law enforcement.  My major was criminology and criminal justice, and I thought I wanted to be a criminal profiler with the FBI.  I must admit this had something to do with The Silence of the Lambs, but the mix of psychology and crime-solving was fascinating to me – and still is.  While in law school, though, I fell in love with litigation under the guidance of some of the best evidence and trial skills professors out there, and I knew I had found my calling.

Favorite vacation:

Costa Rica.  My husband and I took our three boys there a couple of years ago and loved the diversity of nature and activity we found.  We spent some time at the beach, some in the rainforest, and some in the city.  We could have stayed for weeks doing things we’d never thought of before.

When I want to relax, I … :

. . . go for a walk.  We are fortunate in Maryland (not to mention nearby Pennsylvania, D.C., Virginia, and Delaware) to have so many scenic walking routes.  Sometimes I will listen to music or an audiobook, but more often I enjoy the quiet and serenity of being away from commotion that otherwise consumes my time.

Favorite book:

I think my favorite book is “The Night Circus,” by Erin Morgenstern.  I did not realize it was a bestseller when I read it; I thought I had made a magical find when I picked it up at a rental house during vacation a few years ago and started reading it.  When I went and raved about it to others, I realized I am far from the only one who adores this book.

Favorite quotation:

“I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don’t know the answer,” — attributed to author Douglas Adams.  I wish some of the witnesses in my cases kept that in mind!

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