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Tessco’s Ventev launches 2 new antennas for warehouses

Ventev’s large warehouse directional antenna. (Ventev photo)

Ventev’s large warehouse directional antenna. (Ventev photo)

A Maryland wireless engineering and manufacturing company has launched two products aimed at the warehouse market.

Ventev, the manufacturing unit of Hunt Valley-based TESSCO Technologies Inc., said it launched its magnetic mount antenna and large warehouse directional antenna because warehouses often have large areas with high ceilings and radio-blocking materials that can impede wireless networking.

The magnetic mount antenna is designed to attach to forklifts and jockey units, for use when antennas cannot get radio signals past metal cages and racks. The warehouse directional antenna is designed to be mounted to the ceiling to provide connectivity along an aisle without bleeding to adjacent aisles in the warehouse.

Mary Beth Smith, Vice President and General Manager of Ventev, said in a news release that the new products provide a more efficient and comprehensive approach to wireless networking.


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