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Emocha expands remote monitoring service for COVID-19-exposed health care professionals

Daily Record Staff//March 26, 2020

Emocha expands remote monitoring service for COVID-19-exposed health care professionals

By Daily Record Staff

//March 26, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Baltimore-based emocha Mobile Health has implemented a remote monitoring service powered by human engagement to support health systems including Johns Hopkins Medicine and LifeBridge Health-affiliated hospitals.

emocha-logo-150Emocha uses short, asynchronous video check-ins to identify, track and manage symptoms of health care professionals who have been exposed to COVID-19.

Emocha supports and monitors exposed and infected healthcare professionals using a brief, asynchronous video symptoms check-in. Occupational Health identifies exposed health care professionals (HCPs) and securely provides their data to emocha in bulk at the start of the program, or on-the-fly based on exposures. Health care professionals log into emocha daily to report symptoms, take their temperature and record a short video. Emocha’s Patient Solutions team reviews each submission promptly and answers questions or concerns through a two-way secure chat, routing urgent matters or symptoms to Occupational Health.

As the crisis progresses, it becomes increasingly urgent to be able to quickly identify symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals, whether infected or exposed, through effective reporting.

A medication adherence solution that leverages human engagement and technology to support patients at every dose, emocha has used a version of its platform to monitor public health outbreaks since 2015. emocha is used by hundreds of public health experts each day to monitor tuberculosis patients using virtual check-ins, with the number growing exponentially as public health officials move in-person visits to scalable, asynchronous video. During the ebola crisis, emocha’s technology was leveraged to monitor all travelers who entered Maryland from affected areas. An expert in remote health care monitoring, emocha serves more than 300 public health departments nationwide.


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