Working from my car: Making do and maybe growing

Jessica Markham//March 31, 2020

Working from my car: Making do and maybe growing

By Jessica Markham

//March 31, 2020

Jessica Markham
Jessica Markham

In late 2018, I jotted down two phrases that resonated with me: “Growth comes from discomfort” and “What makes metal strong? Extreme heat.”

At the time I was thinking about challenging myself and going to court, trying that case, arguing that motion and pushing myself professionally outside my comfort zone to do more, be more, grow.

I would say I never wrote that blog because it felt a little hokey and perhaps obvious.

Today, discomfort has taken on a new meaning – for all of us. At the moment my discomfort stems from the fact that I am working from my car. Why, you ask? Well, I have two screaming children at my house and when I try to work there I get a lot of “mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy!”

So here I am. In my car.

The relative discomfort of my current office (so-called) should lead to some growth, right?

Here’s my “growth” so far:

* I’m going to kiss the floor of my office when this is over. I love it there.

* I’m going to hug all my coworkers. Perhaps daily. They’re the best.

* I may just gratuitously print things. Because I can. Sorry trees.

* Be grateful. In this time of layoffs and general economic downturn, I’m happy to have a job and paying clients.

I’ll share more thoughts as they come. If you feel so moved, share yours with me: [email protected]

Jessica Markham is the owner of Markham Law Firm, a family law firm in Bethesda.


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