Righttime Medical Care remains open to evaluate patients with COVID-19 symptoms

Annapolis-based Righttime Medical Care, an urgent care company with 19 locations in Maryland, continues to work closely with federal, state and county health officials concerning the COVID-19 situation. All locations remain open to care for patients for all symptoms, whether related to the coronavirus or non-emergency medical conditions such as allergies, sprains, cuts, head injuries, broken bones, and other concerns.

All 19 locations of Maryland-based Righttime Medical Care remain open during the coronavirus pandemic to evaluate and test patients with COVID-19 symptoms or for other non-emergency reasons as the safe alternative to the emergency room. Complete clinical protocol has been established to pre-screen and protect individuals with symptoms. For more information, visit myrighttime.com/coronavirus.

Righttime is able to conduct testing for COVID-19 after a full evaluation by one of their trained medical providers. This includes taking safety measures such as requiring patients with symptoms such as fever or cough to call ahead, arriving alone and without family members, being provided personal protective equipment (PPE), and being escorted into a designated room.

The company is also urging people to call their Call Center at 888-808-6483 to inquire about using their telemedicine system, RighttimeNOW. The user-friendly service is HIPAA-compliant to protect patient privacy, uses FaceTime, Skype, or Google Hangouts so a separate app is not required, and is included in major insurance plans.


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